Dem Senator Lies Straight Through His Teeth About Trump Travel Ban

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So President Trump’s “Travel Ban” received a partial win this week as the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration could go ahead and start blocking travel to the United states from six countries which are considered “universal” in their regards to Islamic terrorist.

Of course, the Liberal Left are trying to go down with a fight, swinging every which way they can…

For example, Ed Markey, an alt-Left liberal goon, appeared on CNN with Kate Bouduan and claims that the “so-called” Trump travel ban, which is explicitly calls a “Muslim ban”, prohibits people from entering the U.S. solely because they are Muslim… which is an outright lie…

“I’m disappointed that the court just didn’t rule that a Muslim ban in and of itself is unconstitutional,” Markey growled before claiming that the “Statue of Liberty is staring at the Trump Tower in New York City every single day.”

“No mention of Muslim in the executive order,” Bolduan corrected. “But the Supreme Court will have the final say.”


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