Tomi Lahren Comes Out Swinging on Special Counsel Mueller

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Tomi Lahren, famed Conservative commentator, took some swings at special counsel Robert Mueller in her first ad for the pro-Trump Great America Alliance since she signed with them last month.

“What does the Washington establishment’s ‘independent’ investigation look like? FBI Director Comey leaks information to the press, hoping to start an investigation. The ploy works and his good friend and former boss, Mueller, is chosen to direct it,” Lahren says in the ad, titled “Witch Hunt.”

“Then, who does Mueller select to help lead the ‘independent’ investigation? Four top lawyers, all major donors to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic national party. One of them even worked for the Clinton Foundation,”

She continues. “And who could Mueller’s star witness be? His old pal who schemed to start it all: leaker James Comey. Only in Washington could a rigged game like this be called ‘independent.’”


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