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The Baby Who has Captured Hearts Worldwide Has Lost His Fight

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The boy from Merseyside, who had a degenerative brain condition, died at 02:30 BST, his father Tom Evans said.On Facebook he wrote: “My gladiator lay down his shield and gained his wings… absolutely heartbroken.”

The Pope, who took a personal interest in the case, tweeted: “I am deeply moved by the death of little Alfie.”He added: “Today I pray especially for his parents, as God the Father receives him in his tender embrace.”

Hundreds of supporters of Alfie’s parents, known as Alfie’s Army, released balloons at a park in a tribute to the toddler. His aunt Sarah Evans thanked the crowd, saying: “Our hearts are broken. We are absolutely shattered as a family.”


As Written By Michelle Malkin With Daily Wire:

When British hospital officials tried to pull the plug on 23-month-old toddler Alfie Evans on Monday night in arrogant defiance of his parents’ wishes, many Americans took to Twitter to count their blessings that they live in a country that would not allow such tyranny.

“Stories like Alfie Evans make me realize how grateful I am to live in America where freedom still exists,” one young social media user wrote.

“Folks, is this what we want for America? Parents rendered helpless before the gods of socialized medicine?” retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West asked.

It’s a parent’s nightmare. The family posted videos of Alfie yawning and showing signs of life to prove that their son was worth saving. A concept that should have never been up for debate but because of the UK’s national healthcare system, that was the Evans’ horrific reality.

Tom Evans said, ‘At some point I had to give him mouth-to-mouth because his lips went blue and he was really fighting with his breathing so me and his mum were giving him mouth-to-mouth.’

All the while hospital staff stood idly by as young Alfie lost his life. Where is the morality in that?

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