Cory Booker Done Lost IT! ‘The Russians Are Coming!’

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Cory Brooker has a “grave warning” for us all, “The Russians are coming!” — playing off the 2016 presidential election’s narrative.

We have to get back to the focus of what’s going on, right now, which is really a moment in American history where we’ve had an unprecedented attack on our elections. And how are we as a nation gonna respond? Donald Trump clearly has not taken this seriously, in what should be a Paul Revere moment for our country, where people are talking about, “The Russians are coming.” They’re intending not only to attack this past election, but intending to continue this behavior.

Booker repeatedly used terms like “urgency” and “crisis” all the while denying that his “concerns” are at all motivated by a dishonest partisanship.

I don’t want to let that distract from the urgency, in fact the crisis of this moment, where we have Russia, who has attacked our country in cyber-way, trying to undermine our elections, and there’s a whole urgency to get to the bottom of what happened. Were there people colluding? We have an FBI director that has stated that there is an open investigation going on, really investigating associates of the president. And so we really have a crisis, right now. And the urgency is to get to the bottom of that. Public trust has been eroded. This president cannot oversee an investigation into his own associates, and we need to have a special prosecutor now, someone that’s independent on this, not a partisan issue, what is ultimately an issue of patriotism. This nation needs to get to the bottom of these attacks by the Russians into our elections.


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