GOP Congressman Speaking Of Daughter’s Death Gets DISSED By Liberals

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During a town-hall event in Wilingboro, New Jersey, Tom MacArthur took the stage and spoke of the loss of his 11 year old daughter in 1996. While speaking of that, healthcare, and insurance policies he was met with boos and jeers, purportedly by liberals.

“I wanna go back to my daughter, just for a moment,” said MacArthur, as he was interrupted.

“Shame!” scolded a woman, unseen by the camera. She accused MacArthur or cynically exploiting the death of his daughter for political advantage.

“I will say shame on you, right now. Don’t tell me what I’m using.”

“Shame on you! We’ve heard this story,” replied a woman in the crowd.

CNN covered OTHER segments of the event, of course, where liberals were demanding welfare for their healthcare needs. An on-site reporter suggested that the questions asked of MacArthur seemed to be divided into two sections: health care policy and the recent termination of James Comey from the FBI directorship.


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