WHAT?! Leading Protester Admits To Bullying Parkland School Shooter?

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Call me crazy but doesn’t this sound EXACTLY like what I said in the title? Because they knew him that gave them the OK to “ostracize” him?

As reported by Steadfast and Loyal:

In a video clip, Gonzalez said: “Since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him to hear that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him – you didn’t know this kid! Ok, we did!”


This video makes me think of the Columbine shootings, which were very tragic in their own right. And how as more details were gathered about the frame-of-mind of those two, we learned how “outcast” they truly were in their school.

If someone had taken a second to get to know them or even Cruz… would things have ended up differently?

Gonzalez and Hogg have demonstrated a fixation on taking away guns as the only acceptable solution, ignoring every other more important factor, in effect seeking to put every American in the same situation as their fellow students, when they defenselessly faced an armed shooter while police officers waited outside.

Yes, not every “outcast” is a shooter but is every mass school shooter an outcast?

What she says here is actually backed up by another student, Alexa Miednik, who claims to have spoken to Nikolas Cruz DURING the actual shooting:

“Hey, Nicolas,” – this is what she told me on camera… – “Hey, I just heard shots fired and I’m surprised it wasn’t you. Just kidding.” He had the reaction “What?” and then they parted ways.”

“She said “I heard more shots after that.” She thinks there was a second shooter.”

That’s pretty wild if you ask me. What do you think? Do some of the pieces of this entire event not quite add up?

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