Reddit user claims to be Austin bomber

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A user on Reddit known as “austinbomber” has claimed to be the serial bomber operating in Texas… he also claims that he will not stop until he has become “as prolific as the Zodiac Killer.”

“My intention is not to kill people. I am doing this simply because I want to watch the world burn,” someone using the handle “austinbomber” posted on Reddit Tuesday.

He also denies that his attacks, if true, racially motivated.

“It’s not race-related like the media has speculated,” one message read. “I also enjoy laughing at the massive police presence that just simply cannot find or deanonymize me.”

He states that is “30-50 years old” and that he does not have “any terminal illness or anything like that” and after a series of weird and cryptic messages the account was suspended and his messages scrubbed from the social media site.

Authorities at the Austin Police Department have confirmed that they are aware of the Reddit user.

“We are currently investigating them,” the spokesman said, declining to confirm whether the Reddit user is considered a suspect.

I almost hope it was really him. I would hope no one would be as f’ing disturbed as to “troll” this on the internet… that’s a new low for parasites such as “austinbomber”. And I hope it’s him because it makes tracking him all the easier.

As reported by NY Daily News:

Two people have been killed and at least five have been injured in five blasts that have rocked the Austin area since March 2. Authorities suspect that they have a serial bomber on their hands, as the bombs have been delivered and manufactured in similar manners.

A blast on a residential street Sunday became all the more terrifying after Austin Police Chief Brian Manley confirmed that it had been triggered by a tripwire and manufactured with “a higher level of sophistication.”

The latest explosion rocked a FedEx depot outside San Antonio Tuesday, injuring at least one person. FBI officials told local outlets that the package bomb was bound for Austin.

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