Liberal News Man RIPS Stormy Daniel’s Interview Apart!

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Many media outlets, even the more Liberal ones, are not too pleased with Anderson Cooper’s interview with alleged Trump mistress (from a decade before he was POTUS) and adult film “star” Stormy Daniels.

Even Joe Scarborough, a notorious Never Trump, tore into the interview, HARD. The interview, overall, has severely compromised any creditability she may have had.

As you know, Stormy Daniel’s entered into a NonDisclosure Agreement with Trump’s personal lawyer to not even hint or gleam that the very idea that Donald Trump may have had relations with her. Now, she’s desperate to get out of it to supposedly “tell-all”.

It was never stated that they for sure did do anything… the NDA seemed to come about around the time that Trump was running for President of the United States of America so if you ask me, just jumping the gun and getting even a possible false-rumor silenced before it even began just makes sense.

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

Joe Scarborough questioned Stormy Daniels’ credibility Monday on “Morning Joe” after her “60 Minutes” interview and then criticized Anderson Cooper for not being more thorough in his follow-up questions.

Scarborough slipped into an Italian gangster accent before saying there may have been a deal in place, preventing Cooper from covering certain topics.

“I mean we shouldn’t hold [Cooper] to a lawyer’s standard but [Daniels] goes, some man threatened me and said, boy, that baby sure looks nice, it would be a shame if she loses her mother. And he doesn’t go, who was it,” Scarborough said.

“What did he look like? Did he look like this person this who works for Donald Trump?” Scarborough continued. “That’s not that hard to follow up on. You wonder if they had some deal before the interview.”

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley agreed and said Daniels has very little credibility and any fallout from the interview will be apparent in a matter of days.

“There’s a lot of lack of follow-up, including on credibility. Stormy Daniels saying I just didn’t want my kids to find out about this and it sort of left you with, what? You had a career with dozens of porn movies and you were afraid your kid…

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