“The View” Hosts Argue Over Why Clinton Lost

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Things got a little heated recently on The View when the hosts decided to discuss why Hillary Clinton lost the election. Can no one accept the fact that the better man won?

The discussion was brought up by a recent comment Clinton made where she stated had it not been for “Wikileaks” and Comey, she would have won.

The conversation was sparked after Clinton said Tuesday that she would be president today if it weren’t for Jim Comey’s letter and “Russian Wikileaks.”

“Every time I see her [Clinton] do an interview I am waiting for a moment where she doesn’t blame anyone but herself,” Jedediah Bila said. “And acknowledges why she lost. The reason why she lost was because her foreign policy at the state department was a disaster. She lied to people. She made the decision…”

We recently posted a video from Kellyanne Conway where she lays it on the line, stating that they had a better overall game in play than Clinton ever did.

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