Conway On Hillary’s Claim She Would Have Won

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Kellyanne Conway appeared with Sean Hannity and the topic was Hillary’s claims that she could have won “if”… Though it’s clear Clinton is still going through the stages of grief, at least she’s not POTUS.

“I don’t want to say I agree with David Axelrod but I think his analysis is right. Is it that she thought she had Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio in the bag? Was it just an arrogance and air of arrogance around the campaign now they’re just trying to make excuses?” Asked Sean.

Kellyanne replied “It was many things but we also had a better candidate, better message, better campaign, better strategy and I think just more self-awareness overall.”

She continued… “but I do want to push back on something Hillary said. She said that she was winning if the election were October 27 does that’s actually not true. If you look at the Real Clear Politics aggregate, and I did today, in the six states they went from Obama 2012 the Trump 2016. Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa… You look at these states her numbers actually stayed the same, in fact improved, from the October 27th to the aggregate that was taken on November 5th, of course the election is November 8th, what happened is Donald Trump continued with his strategy of going in connecting with voters doing these 7-8 rallies a day toward the end.”

The point I agree with most is we, they, the Trump admin. had more self-awareness. I feel like we had a better grasp on the reality of the situation.


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