Molotov Cocktail Attack In Paris; Media Silent

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Twelve people, including six police officers, were injured in an attack using a Molotov cocktail in a restaurant in Paris.

Three people suffered severe burns and were airlifted to a hospital after the fire broke out in the Aubervilliers suburb tonight.

Police have not officially said whether the incident was an attack, or discussed a possible motive for the crime. The incident appears to be linked to a “robbery gone wrong”.

“The restaurant is part of a five-story building,’ an emergency services source added. ‘Everything is being done to contain the blaze, and search for other victims.”

We’re curious to see what this develops in to, if anything. France is currently under a “state of emergency” following a serious of terrorist attacks via bombers and gunmen working for ISIS and al-Qaeda.

There is no indication yet that this incident is linked to terrorism.


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