Conservative Law Professor Debunks Obstruction of Justice Narrative

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Elizabeth Price Foley is a Constitutional law professor went on MSNBC and knocked out the “obstruction of justice” bull being shoved down our throats by the left.

“If the American people are unhappy with the way Trump acted,” Foley said, “their two options under our constitutional system are to push for impeachment or to vote somebody else into office in 2020.”

“To the extent that people want try to make this obstruction of justice, there’s a million different layers why this is not technically obstruction of justice, either as a statutory matter or a constitutional matter,” Foley said.

“But this point particularly about a ‘corrupt intent’ is even worse. Because think about it, the president also has the authority under Article II [of the Constitution] to pardon people, but we don’t say for example that the president can’t pardon a certain person because he has a corrupt intent, he likes the guy he’s known him for a long time so therefore he can’t pardon him.”

Con Law Prof Debunks Trump Obstruction Of Justice Narrative | The Daily Caller

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