Travel Ban Easily Justified After ISIS-linked Man Captured

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Testimony From Captured ISIS Member Proves Trump Was Right About Travel Ban.

Liberals have been outraged ever since Trump did exactly what he said he was going to do. During his Campaign, he said he was going to prevent bad elements from entering into our country. Unlike other President’s he actually tries to fulfill his campaign promises. Maybe Liberals are just not used to this kind of honesty. Trump’s travel ban on Muslim’s has proven to have more merit than Democrats would like, as an ISIS member in Germany has confessed to being a sleeper agent.

Germany has been having a tough time with all of the refugees they have taken in and this newly captured ISIS member is a big part of the reason why. The ISIS member identified as Mohamed A. confessed that he was sent by ISIS and instructed to enter Germany as a Syrian refugee. Mohamed claims that he had been trained in four different weapons by ISIS and they had made him a false passport for his infiltration of Germany.

“Yes, he had been sent by the IS. For three months he trained at the IS in Raqqa, he was trained on four different weapons. An IS man took his passport photo and [the operative] was given $1,500 for the trip. For financial reasons, in particular, he had in the summer of 2015 [gone] from the Free Syrian Army over to the terrorist militia,” Suddeutsche Zeitung reported.”

Mohamed was supposed to get into Germany and get in contact with other members already residing in Germany. But his plan was thwarted when German authorities decided to monitor him.

Watch The Video Below. Covering When The ISIS Members Were Originally Caught.

As Breitbart reported, “The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) released a report in late 2016 claiming that hundreds of jihadists have come to Europe disguised as refugees, and last year the Heritage Foundation released a report showing that asylum seekers made up 54 percent of the suspects in terror plots uncovered in Germany.”

So tell me again why the Democrats thought that having more Syrian Refugees enter our country was a good thing?

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