Obama’s Former SOD “Not Abiding by Red Lines sends a Message of Weakness” [Video]

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Leon Panetta had some harsh criticisms of former President Obama and he gives a warning to President Trump on North Korea.

I always said that when a president puts his credibility on the line with a red line, as President Obama did saying we would not allow them to chemical weapons, I think it was the right step to take, but it was also important to stand by that red line and enforce it. I think when there was hesitancy to do go to Congress for permission, and not take action, I think it sent a message to Assad and Russia as well. I think it lines. When you say we will do something, you have to stand by your word. Otherwise, it sends a message of weakness to the world.

Obama’s Former Secretary of Defense says Not Abiding by Red Lines sends a Message of Weakness ⋆ The Constitution



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