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BOMBSHELL: Should Our Concerns About Foreign Threat Be Focused More On China?

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According to most of the press, America has only one real enemy: Russia. But the truth may be more complicated. The biggest threat to America isn’t Vladimir Putin, but Xi Jinping’s regime in China. So says Micheal Pillsbury, the Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy, Hudson Institute.

Have we been wrong all this time by focusing on North Korea and Russia? China’s growth has been phenomenal and there is no doubt the Country’s growing population and the military is a concern.

“We have a history as a sort of trusting democracy,” Pillsbury told Breitbart. “Only a few people in the thirties were concerned about the rise of Hitler and the Japanese military, and they were laughed at. They were considered freaks. The Chinese are much more subtle than Hitler and the Nazis. The Chinese are deeply embedded in our society, and they have friends everywhere, not just in Washington, DC. The reason I wrote this book, and I had a very hard time, I had to remove a lot of it at the request of CIA and FBI, but they left a lot in that is new material about how subtle and sophisticated the Chinese are in their strategy toward America. So I hope people buy it. It was a national best-seller. It’s sold more copies in Japan, Korea, [and] it’s coming out in Hindi in India next month. So the neighbors of China are already pretty alarmed.”

As Written By Keith Bradsher with Ny Times:

The pace of growth in China’s economy accelerated last year for the first time in seven years as exports, construction and consumer spending all climbed strongly.

At least, that’s what the government says.

In reality, the pace of growth in China’s economy is anybody’s guess. Various signals suggest China’s growth did speed up last year, which could give the government the room it needs to tackle an accumulation of serious financial, environmental and social problems this year.

But measuring the size and health of the world’s second-largest economy can be difficult at best. Its official figures have become implausibly smooth and steady, even as other countries post results with plenty of peaks and valleys. Officials in far-flung regions are admitting their numbers are wrong. And outside experts crunching the data have come up with different — and usually weaker — results.

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