Tillerson: China Threatens North Korea With Sanctions

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China is now threatening North Korea with sanctions if they continue their Nuclear tests, which is seen as a provocation toward it’s regional neighbors and The U.S. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, said in an interview with Fox News that China’s commitment to implement these sanctions is fully of their own accord and that, in fact, North Korea is aware of this.

“We know that China is in communications with the regime in Pyongyang,” Tillerson said. “They confirmed to us that they had requested the regime conduct no further nuclear test.”

Though China’s Foreign Ministry hadn’t commented on the remarks a representative stated that Beijin remains committed to these threats as is imposed under U.N. resolutions.

The potential for joint pressure on North Korea comes just as tensions in the region reach new heights. Earlier Thursday, the senior U.S. Navy officer overseeing military operations in the Pacific said the crisis with North Korea is at the worst point he’s ever seen.

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