Democrat Harvard Law Professor: Possible Conflict of Interest in Special Counsel Investigation

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Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz recently appeared on “Fox & Friends” and stated that special counsels are like Captain Ahab and his white whale, HA. He further commented that it’s not likely that Robert Mueller will want to come away with nothing, arguing that while it is legitimate to look into Trump’s finances, a general search to look for a crime IS inappropriate.

Dershowitz further stated that President Trump’s statement that looking into his finances would be a “red line” is “a clue.” He compared this to someone telling police officers searching their house not to look in a drawer.

He continued, “Now, you know, the problem with special counsel, I am not supportive of the appointment of a special counsel in general, is that it’s Captain Ahab and the white whale in ‘Moby Dick.’ You give a guy one goal. Prosecutors generally have years to decide who to prosecute, what to prosecute. You give a prosecutor one goal and give them a lot of money. You have them appoint a lot of lawyers.”

“It’s unlikely he’s going to want to come away with nothing. … They’re determined to get that white whale, and no matter what crime they find, if they don’t find the original crime, they’ll try to find another crime. They’re going to try to find a link to crimes.”

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