Thousands expected to hit streets for Anti-Trump May Day protests

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Hundreds of thousands of protestors are thought to take to the streets Today in a massive “May Day” event across the national and just what are they protesting? Well POTUS Trump Of course!

May Day or “International Worker’s Day” has basically been all about protests all around the glove for many years, meant to highlight workers rights but now on Monday in the U.S. it will primarily be about immigration issues, LGBT awareness, and police “misconduct”.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are expected to take to the streets Monday in massive May Day events across the USA mostly protesting the policies of President Trump.

“There’s a real galvanization of all the groups this year,” said Fernanda Durand of CASA in Action, which will lead a march of about 10,000 people for immigrants’ rights through downtown Washington. “Our presence in this country is being questioned by Donald Trump. We are tired of being demonized and scapegoated. We’ve had enough.”

And Durand’s focus in the protests will primarily be part of the Rise Up movement taking place in more than 200 cities across 31 states. Then some “Beyond the Movement” movement will feature racial-justice groups and focus on marches in more than 50 cities.

Erick Sanchez, another Washington-based organizer, said he’s seen the melding of different groups in previous events this year, from the Women’s March on Washington to climate change awareness protests. Monday will be the culmination of gelling these disparate groups, he said.

“There’s really a sense that we’re in this together,” he said. “That an attack on one is an attack on all.”

Thousands expected to hit the streets for May Day protests

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