WTH? CBS Analyst Says Holocaust Caused By Nationalism

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Michael Gerson, of The Washington Post and CBS, appeared on Face The Nation and made a really stupid and radical claim.

“All the worst events of the 20th century took place because of the triumph of identity over idealism in Europe,” said Michael Gerson.

Gerson was discussing France’s presidential election and “implied” that Marine Le Pen and National Front threatened to “usher in violence reminiscent of the 20th century’s bloodiest wars and genocides”. He further stated, “The Holocaust and communist-driven mass murders of the last century were functions of national identity overcoming transnational ideals”. Though no further explanation was provided by Gerson in regards to “transnational ideals” — and wasn’t asked to clarify the statement by anyone else on the show.

As Gerson ignored broader historical facts that shaped the 20th cemetery’s deadliest events, he made no mention of the anti-Semitic dimension of Nazi ideology or communism’s commodification of human lives. Nationalism did play a significant role of Hitlerian ideology, but that was coupled along with the idea of a racial struggle. Hitler viewed race as a staple of national identity itself.

As opposed to American nationalism. American nationalism was a huge driving force for the United States’ and our war effort in defeating The Axis of Evil. It had nothing to do with a racial identity but rather an identity together as a nation. One fighting force who all believed in one thing, defeating the Nazi’s


#FakeHistory: CBS Analyst Says Holocaust Caused By Nationalism

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