Economist Larry Kudlow Weighs In On Trump’s Tax Plan

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Well known economist, Larry Kudlow, is singing praises when it comes to POTUS Trump’s proposed tax plan, calling it a “home run”.

In another recent interview Kudlow states:
“They’re going with the campaign tax-cut plan that Steve Moore and I and Steve Mnuchin and Steven Miller and others worked on for many many months to slash business tax rates. I can’t think of anything better for business, better for wage earners, better for economic growth than Trump’s 15 percent tax cut plan. I just think it’s terrific,” Kudlow told John Catsimatidis on his New York AM 970 radio show “The Cats Roundtable.”

“I think it’s a home run,” he added. “I know there [were] disputes about it and there were contradictory statements made in recent weeks, but we won. I think this is a terrific victory for the president. He set a marker on tax reform and economic growth.”

He also says that the business tax plan will pay for itself in just a few years:

Here he is, even, way back in 2015 already praising it:

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