HYSTERICAL! The Search For Hillary In The Chappaqua Woods

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I always manage to get a good laugh when it comes to Jesse Watters. He never disappoints!

Watters’ hikes around the woods of Chappaqua, where Hillary Clinton has been rumored to hike and searches for her. Stopping along the way to ask passerby’s if they’ve seen her. At one point he spots a $20 bill, and goes “I think Hillary’s been here”.

“Tell her Watters’ World’s here”. and “I’m with her!!……. Still nothing”

Then he goes into the local town to ask if they’ve seen Hillary. The townsfolk describe the few encounters they’ve had with them. Stating things like they do regularly stuff like grocery stop, eating at local restaurants.

One attractive girl who works in a local bookstore states that he’s “real friendly” to which Watters laughs.


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