Big Game Hunter Killed By Elephant

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A prominent and well known big game hunter in South Africa is now dead after an elephant lifted him into the air and then landed on him when it was shot by another hunter. Theunis Botha, 51, was leading a group on a hunt at the Good Luck Farm preserve near Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they stumbled upon a group of breeding elephants that tried to protect themselves from the hunters.

Botha shot at three cows that then charged the hunters but a fourth elephant flanked them and lifted Botha in the air, that’s when another hunter fatally shot the elephant and it crushed Botha. The hunter was a father of 5 and is survived by his wife Carike Botha.

He owned his own company, Game Hounds Safaris, and was regularly recruited by American and European hunters to take part in trophy hunting expeditions, specializing in leopard and lion hunts.

Botha had his own company, Game Hounds Safaris. The site calls his company “a family operation born out of a mutual love for Africa and its natural beauty.”


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