Taya Kyle, Chris Kyle’s Widow, Speaks Truths About ISIS Like No One Else Can

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Taya Kyle paid a visit to Bill Hemmer to spell it out for those aren’t listening. That a “show of force” is necessary to stop ISIS from spreading their influence across the Middle East. She further stated that we are sending a message to ISIS. “They listen, they watch, they hear it, and they react”.

“We are sending a very clear message to ISIS,” Hemmer said of recent U.S. action in Afghanistan. “They listen, they watch, they hear it and they react.”

“They do, and I don’t they’re ever just going to bow down,” the Fox News contributor and widow of Navy SEAL legend Chris Kyle responded. “But I do think we have to be a strong force.”

“These aren’t going to be people you talk to, these are not going to be people that you negotiate deals with,” she continued. “You have to do a show of force.”

“That’s all they understand. That’s how their culture works. That’s how terrorism works. The strongest force wins.”

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