Trump Wanted To Fire Comey ‘Since The Day He Was Elected’

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Sarah Sanders has went on the record stating that POTUS Trump has wanted to fire James Comey “since the day he was elected” today during a press conference. She said that “over the last several months [Trump had] lost confidence” in him.

“He wanted to give Comey a chance,” Sanders, who took over for Sean Spicer in the press briefing, said. “He feels he made the right decision.”

She said Comey’s “missteps and mistakes” were the reasons he was fired, and added that he “had essentially taken a stick of dynamite and thrown it into the Department of Justice” when he held a press conference last July to announce the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use a private email server while she was secretary of State.

“It’s been an erosion of confidence,” she said. “The Department of Justice lost confidence, bipartisan members of Congresss made it clear that they had lost confidence and rank and file members at the FBI had lost confidence in their director.”

“If Hillary Clinton had won the election, which thank God she didn’t, if she had, she would have fired Comey immediately, and the very Democrats criticizing the president today would be dancing in the streets celebrating.”


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