Good Guy Lyft Driver Why He Refused Driving Drunk Woman Home

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It’s sorta nuts that the culture the left has created makes this a necessity. This guy drives for Lyft, a driving service and an alternative to taxi services, and it’s how he makes his living.

He plays it smart, too. He doesn’t even want to put himself in any sort of situation, no matter the circumstance, where something could come on him. Again, I wish we lived in a culture where he didn’t have to lose money and turn this drive down but can anyone blame him?

He offered to drive her home if her friends came along, they didn’t. He’s pretty upset that they would simply dump her off on the first ride that came along, too.

“Even though I won’t rape or sexually assault this lady; as a friend, that puts your friend in a possibility of great danger,” he says in the video.

May we all be so lucky to have this guy as our Lyft driver. Don’t forget to travel safe and always keep an eye on your drunk friends!


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