This Tweet From The President Could Cause Major Administration Figure To Resign

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President Trump has seen his fair share of turnover since the first term of his administration, there’s no denying that. But nothing is quite as high-profile as what has been threatened this week.

Several days ago President Trump took to Twitter to let the world know what he thought of the possible sentences that could be handed down to longtime friend and American political consultant, Roger Stone. That is to say, Trump thought the possibility of Stone spending several years in jail for lying to Congress was ridiculous, especially since the underlying investigation turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

Just after the tweet was published, the Department of Justice got involved, thus igniting a firestorm of criticism from the left regarding how Trump was abusing his power. Ever since then, President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr have publicly traded a few jabs at each other, with the nation’s top cop drawing a line in the sand on Tuesday night

Attorney General William Barr has told people he’s considered resigning over President Donald Trump’s interference with Justice Department matters, particularly the President’s tweets, according to a source close to the situation.

While it’s not clear if Barr is serious about potentially resigning or looking to send Trump a message, those discussions punctuate a palpable tension between Trump and Barr in recent days after the Justice Department was roiled by a cascade of controversies this past week, a separate source said, adding that the two appear to be in a cooling-off period after Barr’s remarkable interview with ABC News.

“I think they have calmed down. I think they’re cooling off,” the source said.

Roger Stone is set to face sentencing on Thursday, and there is a very big chance that Trump will pardon him outright only moments after his punishment is handed down.

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