Two Presidential Candidates Are Being Sued By George Zimmerman For Huge Amount

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George Zimmerman is suing two presidential candidates for defamation of character and trying to gain support from the black community.

Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are both being sued for a total of $265 million for tweets they posted falsely accusing Zimmerman of the murder of Trayvon Martin back in 2012.

According to Fox News,

George Zimmerman, the onetime neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, is suing Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg for $265 million, claiming both 2020 Democratic presidential candidates defamed him in an attempt to “garner votes in the black community.”

The lawsuit filed in Polk County, Fla., Tuesday argues Warren and Buttigieg’s two separate tweets on Feb. 5, which would have been Martin’s 25th birthday, used the killing “as a pretext to demagogue and falsely brand Zimmerman as a white supremacist and racist to their millions of Twitter followers.”

The tweet from Buttigieg read, “Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today. How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear? #BlackLivesMatter”

The tweet from Warren said, “My heart goes out to @SybrinaFulton and Trayvon’s family and friends. He should still be with us today. We need to end gun violence and racism. And we need to build a world where all of our children—especially young Black boys—can grow up safe and free.”

Liberals refuse to accept that Zimmerman was acquited of the murder of Martin. They only truth they will ever accept is their own made-up version.

A description of the incident between Zimmerman and Martin is included in the lawsuit and it’s quite disturbing. In case you have never heard the whole true story of what happened that night, here is what it says:

On February 26, 2012, having slept little the night before due to marijuana use and partying with his cousin, Trayvon spent much of the day speaking on the phone and texting with Eugene who was in Miami. Trayvon was speaking with Eugene both before and after he exited a 7-11 mini market at approximately 6:30 PM in the evening of February 26, 2012.

While driving to Target at around 7:09 PM, Zimmerman spotted Trayvon standing in the rain between two townhomes and making no attempt to get out of the rain. Zimmerman pulled over and called the non-emergency number of the Sanford police to report a suspicious person, as the neighborhood watch group members had been advised to do.

Trayvon, while still on the phone with Eugene, then approached and circled Zimmerman’s parked car while Zimmerman was still speaking to the dispatcher. Zimmerman described Trayvon to the dispatcher as looking like he was “on drugs or something” (Trayvon was later found to have marijuana in his system above the legal limit to drive in most states).

Then, while still on the phone with Eugene, Trayvon departed the area of Zimmerman’s car, which Zimmerman also reported to the dispatcher. The dispatcher repeatedly asked Zimmerman which way the person had gone, prompting Zimmerman to get out of his car to try to assist the dispatcher.

Not having seen Trayvon at all during the next four minutes, and after failing to find a street address to give the dispatcher where a police officer could meet him, Zimmerman asked the dispatcher to tell the officer to meet him back at his parked car. Zimmerman then walked toward his parked car, and almost there, Trayvon appeared and approached Zimmerman from behind, and called out, “What’s your problem?”.

As Zimmerman answered “I don’t have a problem” Trayvon immediately sucker-punched Zimmerman in the nose, breaking it, and straddled him as he fell to the ground. Trayvon then began slamming Zimmerman’s head onto the concrete sidewalk and tried to smother Zimmerman as he yelled for help at least 14 times according to 911 audio recordings.

Trayvon was also raining down blows on Zimmerman “MMA Style” according to eyewitness Jonathan Good (“Good”) who, hearing the disturbance, came out of his neighboring townhome and shouted at Trayvon to stop the assault or he would call the police. Trayvon did not stop the assault on Zimmerman, so Good retreated back into his townhome to call police.

Zimmerman was disoriented and choking on blood from his broken nose. Fearing he would go unconscious from the continued bashing of his head onto the concrete sidewalk, he reached for his legal firearm and discharged a single shot to stop the assault. Trayvon requested of Zimmerman, “tell Mama ‘Licia I’m sorry,” referring to his stepmother Alicia Stanley.

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