This Ominous Warning From Residents Under Mayor Pete “I Fear For Our Country”

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According to the resident of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete is not all he is cracked up to be. They want to warn America about the man running for president.

First of all, violent crimes have skyrocketed during his two terms as mayor.

“Look at all the crime — he didn’t do anything about it. Look at our quality of life,” said one resident.  “If he becomes president, the United States will become one big South Bend — a giant sinkhole. We’ll be in a new depression.”

Residents that live on the west side of South Bend complain that the only well-lit street is the one that leads to the University of Notre Dame.

Michelle Burger, a stay at home mom who lives in this area said, “If he’s the next president, I fear for our country. He couldn’t run our city. How can he run the United States?”

The New York Post reports:

Some in South Bend describe Buttigieg’s mayoralty as a nightmare during which FBI data show that violent crimes surged from 622 in 2012, his first year, to 1,088 in 2018, the latest for which statistics are available.

“We had a record number of homicides during his time as mayor, and it didn’t seem like he was feeling the people’s psychological, emotional and spiritual needs,” said the Rev. Sylvester Williams Jr. of the Interfaith Christian Union.

“It seemed like he was focused on creating a progressive city, that he was above tending to those basic needs.”

One of Buttigieg’s fiercest critics, Councilman Henry Davis Jr., said Buttigieg was “inept” as mayor and “always had one foot out the door.”

He cited Buttigieg’s six-month deployment to Afghanistan in 2014 as a Navy Reserve intelligence officer, as well as his failed 2017 attempt to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

“And then he came back and takes off again and wants to be president of the United States,” said Davis, who unsuccessfully challenged Buttigieg in South Bend’s 2015 Democratic mayoral primary.

“So he really has never been here and committed to the growth and the [functionality] of this community. It’s always been a gateway to something that he believed was larger.”

Buttigieg made claims that while he was mayor he brought new hotels and businesses to the city. However, all of these improvements were made downtown and nothing was done to improve the west side. According to Kyle Hupfer, Indiana Republican Party chairman, while Buttigieg “certainly had a few economic development wins,” he actually had “little, if anything, to do with that.”

Hupfer said, “I found it ironic that when he announced his presidential run, he did it in front of Studebaker Building 84, which had sat vacant since 1963. But it was $3.5 million from then-Gov. Mike Pence’s Regional Cities Initiative that made that project go.”

According to the South Bend Tribune reports:

One of Buttigieg’s signature programs was an anti-blight effort dubbed “1,000 Homes in 1,000 Days,” which ultimately targeted 1,122 abandoned houses, repairing about 40 percent and razing the rest.

Dan Kelley, an engineer who lives on a West Side block that was part of the program, said it hadn’t really helped his neighborhood, unlike the gentrifying area “across the river near Notre Dame.”

“Mayor Pete talks a big game, but in streets like this, it’s hard to see those changes. The urbanness has sort of gone to seed and you have houses spaced every two or three properties,” he said.

If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior then citizens should be wary of this presidential candidate.

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