Muslim Man Gets A Hard Lesson In Respect From Catholic

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A peaceful group of Catholics had gathered outside to quietly protest the closure of a local church when a Muslim happened to walk by and notice. Instead of minding his own business or giving them their respects, the Muslim man decided to blast music loudly to interfere with their peaceful prayer. This was a decision he will soon regret doing.

One man that was part of the group decided he had had enough. He takes a break from praying with his rosary and stands up out of the crowd making it his mission to teach this Muslim a lesson in respect. The catholic man knocks him out cold. He lays there limp until he is dragged off the street. Bystanders are stunned into silence.

The lesson is that he can not just do whatever he wants and walk all over people especially people who are not bothering anyone. This Muslim learns that there are consequences for his actions.

More, per The Daily Mail:

It is not clear whether the victim suffered any serious injuries as a result of being attacked. There were also no reports that any arrests had been made.

Saint Rita, built in 1900, had been the sanctuary of Gallicans, traditionalist Catholics who profess to practice the faith as it existed in medieval times, celebrating mass in Latin, but they are not recognised by the Vatican.
According to the Daily Mail, no arrests have been made as a result of the incident. That is how it should be. These Catholics were simply exercising their right to prayer and an unruly Muslim walked up and decided to interrupt by being rude and obnoxious and playing his music too loud. In the end, vigilante justice was served.

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