Supreme Court’s Major Gun Rights Case Could Change The 2nd Amendment As We Know It

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There are few things in this nation more important and precious than the Second Amendment. This all-important and unalienable right to bear arms is what protects the rest of our freedoms from would-be tyrants or dictators, and it has kept many a foreign nation from trying to land on American shores for nefarious purposes.

And this is why the latest out of the Supreme Court is so nerve-wracking.

The Supreme Court announced Monday that it will hear a major gun rights case over whether ordinary citizens can be legally prohibited from carrying concealed handguns for self-defense outside their homes.

The case, brought by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, challenges a New York law that prohibits citizens from carrying a gun outside their home without a license that the state makes difficult to obtain.

“The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted limited to the following question: Whether the State’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment,” the court said in an order.

The state requires license applicants to show that “proper cause exists” for a person to have one. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in August that the law is constitutional.

Democrats have long demonized the Second Amendment, and guns in general, but have been completely unsuccessful in their attempts to rescind or rebuke the right. This has led them to a path of annoyance in which they’ve attempted to legislate the right into a difficult and expensive territory, making owning a gun a real nuisance.

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