Hollywood Uses The Academy Awards As A Way To Speak Out About Chauvin Trial

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During the 93rd Academy Awards, the very first presenter, Regina King almost immediately launched into the Derek Chauvin trial. The actor/director also had a powerful message for those watching at home.

King, who is nominated for an Oscar for her film “One Night in Miami,” walked onto the stage in Union Station with an intro playing behind her, and as soon as she was in front of the audience she dove right into the big new, that being the Chauvin trial and a guilty verdict.

She said it was the guilty verdict that made her decide to wear heels that night, had things turned out differently, King said she might have been wearing marching boots instead which receives a round of empathetic applause from the crowd.


King also spoke to viewers watching from home urging them not to change the channel when Hollywood starts to “preach” to them. She wanted to point out that there was no amount of money that could change the way she handles these social issues, or how to deal with them in her real life with her own children.

There are sure to be more “celebrities” that will use the spotlight as a way to let the world know they care about these political issues.

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