Elizabeth Warren Says Bernie’s Recent Success Is Built On A Foundation Of Hate

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Now that Bernie Sanders has taken a commanding lead in the race for the Democratic nomination for President everyone is out to get him.

Even Joe Biden recently attacked Sander by comparing his supporters, known as “Bernie Bros”, to the supporters of President Trump. Now Elizabeth Warren is joining the attack for the way his supporters have lashed out recently, especially in Nevada.

“I’ve said before that we are all responsible for what our supporters do, and I think Bernie has a lot of questions to answer here,” Warren said. “I am particularly worried about what happened in the attacks on members of the culinary union, particularly on the women in leadership.”

She continues, “The whole notion of publishing their personal addresses, their phone numbers, and then making very aggressive threats against their own safety and the safety of their families. That is not how we build an inclusive Democratic Party. We do not build on a foundation of hate.”

According to The Daily Wire,

Rumors were, initially, that Sanders had said a woman “can’t win” the White House. Warren acknowledged the rumor but clarified that Sanders was referring to her — and the 2020 elections — specifically. Sanders supporters defended the remarks, noting Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, and linking Clinton’s inability to secure the presidency to institutionalized sexism.

Sanders, as noted before, has found no need to apologize for the behavior of his supporters, saying only that “[a]nybody making personal attacks against anybody else in my name is not part of my movement,”even though the “Bernie Bros” have since taken their aggressive movement offline, engaging in near violent behavior just last weekend after 60 Sanders delegates were disqualified from voting by the Nevada Democratic party at its annual convention in Las Vegas.

Warren failed to mention the Project Veritas videos, probably because she doesn’t want to lend any credence to the group even though they were responsible for exposing his campaign and the staffers.

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