This Senator Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL About The SCOTUS Vote

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Senator Josh Hawley surprised everyone when he told the host of “BillHemmer Reports” that the empty seat left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could be filled as soon as then end of October if not earlier.

Howley, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee told Hemmer, “I think we could [hold a final vote] even faster than Halloween. That includes a full set of public hearings, as well as a full 30 hours of debate on the Senate floor … We could do all of that and be ready to vote before the election.”

Hawley emphasized that it is essential to confirm a ninth Supreme Court Justice before Election Day just in case the high court would need to become involved in voting arguments.

“I hope it does not, but I think it’s certainly possible,” said the Senator. “You look at how close the elections have been the last several cycles — I mean, really for 20 years now, stretching back to the 2000 election … So I think you want a complement, a full complement of Supreme Court justices ready to go.”

Hawley would not name a preferred jurist to fill the seat but would only say he hopes the nominee will be a “strong, staunch defender of the Constitution” who understands that Roe vs. Wade was “wrongly decided.”

“This president has promised to appoint pro-life justices,” Hawley continued. “I think he’ll keep his pledge. He has in the past. I think he will now.”

Howley concluded by saying that “above all else” filling the empty seat is about Republicans keeping their promises.

“[Republican senators] said that they would fight to confirm pro-Consitution justices. So let’s get after it.”

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