Why Is Secret Service Tightening Security At White House?

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The Secret Service started enacting new plans to tighten up security and ares at the White House. Most notably along the south lawn fence. This is due to persistent concerns about intrusions.

Outlined by Agency officials, this new plan will attempt to replicate a buffer zone along the south end where bicycle racks, most predominately, are located. The new perimeter at this location is to allow agents a “buffer zone” in case of fence jumpers to allow for additional reaction time.

Based off the buffer zone created at the North fence, it was imposed due to a 2014 breach by a disturbed Iraq War Vet who had, in fact, scaled the north lawn fence and burst through the White House front door.

Now, the popular and usually crowded sidewalk along the south law will be permanently closed to the public starting at 11pm.

Joe Casey, a Secret Service spokesperson, stated that the action is part of an ever-evolve strategy to mitigate potential threats.

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