San Diego Citizens Say They Will Not Tolerate CAIR In Schools

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Many citizens of San Diego came forward during a School Board meeting to speak out about a bill being passed which exclusively includes the “religion of peace”. Stating that it’s hidden in an anti-bullying campaign, they spoke out about on what they believe the bill is really about and about how it’s exclusion of anyone else does much more harm than good, with one speaker stating how study after study shows Jewish children are the most bullied among all religions.

In the video, many concerned parents and citizens voice their concern for the brazen and egregious actions of the San Diego school board. They find it appalling that the school board would adopt a policy that was crafted by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations).

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SAN DIEGO — Eleven opponents of a new San Diego Unified School District program to combat Islamophobia on campuses appeared before the Board of Education Tuesday evening to protest during the public comment period.

Citizens for Quality Education-San Diego organized the effort because they opposed the implementation of “anti-American Sharia Law policies” at local schools.

The group’s founder, Mary Baker, told the board that she had five main complaints about the policy, including “the district establishing formal partnerships with CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is partially funded by the terror group Hamas.”


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