IDIOT! Maher Says Trump’s Out By Christmas

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During last night’s showing of “Real Time”, Bill Maher made a bet with Boris Epshteyn that President Trump will be out of the White House by Christmas…

During his opening, Maher says “We have a special prosecutor now, Robert Mueller. I doubt that Trump will be president for the full term. Maybe — I don’t know — maybe — he might not be president by the time he gets back from his trip.”

Epshteyn, of the Sinclair Broadcast Group Chief Political Analyst and former Special Assistant to President Trump, agreed to the bet and added “He looks like he’s trying to get impeached”.

All this after Maher accuses the Sinclair Broadcast Group of bias in their media reporting to which Epshteyn states “it’s right down the middle”.

Maher said “that’s what Fox News use to say!”

All this despite Boris Epshteyn showing some support for the POTUS saying he believes he could be president for 8 years.


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