Schiff’s Control Freak Attitude Is Causing Problems In His Own House

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Dynamic duo Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) seem to be at odds with each other and is starting to fall apart.

In one instance Nadler is taking a step toward the podium to speak with reporters and Rep. Adam Schiff wouldn’t budge and told the CNN reporter, “I’m going to respond to the questions.” Nadler just stood there in stunned silence as Schiff continued to dominate the media’s attention and change the subject.

This interaction seems to be proof that Democrat managers are starting to show some cracks. Schiff also doesn’t seem too happy with Nadler’s screw up on the Senate floor.

Roll Call reports:

The first sign of the chairmen’s different approaches to the impeachment trial emerged at the House team’s news conference Tuesday, just a few minutes before the trial started. Schiff spoke for about four minutes about the rules for the impeachment and then asked for questions from the reporters surrounding them.

But Nadler stepped in in what appeared to be an unplanned moment.

“Let me add something here,” Nadler began as he adjusted the microphone. He went on to repeat talking points Schiff and other Democrats have made, saying that “any senator who votes to deny a witness, who votes to deny evidence, is voting to cover up the president’s crimes and subversion of the Constitution.”

Nadler spoke for about two minutes before Schiff, seeming to want to regain control of the time, gently placed his hand on Nadler’s back and said, “Let’s go to questions.” Schiff readjusted the microphone as he began his answer.

Whatever is going on between these two shows that they are definitely not getting along and are not on the same page. As this impeachment trial continues I just can’t see them holding it together.

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