Senators Seen Sharing Late Night Drinks, But Its Not What You Think

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History shows that impeachments have been few and far between. We know there was Bill Clinton in the 90’s, Andrew Johnson just a few years after the civil war. And now we’re being dragged through it again with possibly the most ridiculous trials in the books. It is a common misconception that Richard Nixon was impeached. However, Tricky Dick resigned before the inevitable could occur.

Due to the uniqueness of the impeachment process, there really hasn’t been much need or desire to go over the rules and regulations for the process with a fine-toothed comb. So some of the more outdated rules are more than a little strange.

That is why a number of Senators were seen sipping milk during the late-into-the-night session on Tuesday. GOP Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Richard Burr of North Carolina and Tom Cotton of Arkansas were all spotted dowing glasses of the dairy product while on the Senate floor.

In a response to a tweet about Burr having a glass of milk Cruz’s deputy chief of staff, Sam Cooper tweeted on Wednesday, “Cruz enjoyed a cool glass at midnight last night, Fun fact: the Senators have to provide their own milk to the Cloakroom (they keep it cold for you tho).”
During an impeachment trial, senators are made to abide by a strict set of rules that include them to remain silent and seated the entire time, restrict them from using any electronics, and permits them to only sip on water or milk and nothing else.
According to The Washington Post, there isn’t really a rule that permits them to only drink milk, but also there isn’t a rule that forbids them from drinking it, either.
Interestingly, milk was added to the list of allowed beverages in the 1950s in order to keep Senator’s ulcers from annoying them during trials.

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