Woke College Fights $31M Punishment, Then Gets Giant NEW Bill After Trying to Destroy Bakery With False Racism Charges

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Allyn Gibson Sr. had quite a legacy in Oberlin, Ohio, up until his death at 93 earlier this year.

Known as “Grandpa Gibson,” his goal in life was to be an upstanding citizen. Among the activities of his long life was marching with Martin Luther King Jr., and he once served Stevie Wonder and the singer’s entourage as bakery customers.

But the final years of his life were under the cloud of racist accusations stirred up by the local elite college.

The accusations affected the entire Gibson family and threaten to destroy their 137-year-old local business, Gibson’s Bakery.

And that’s despite a $31.6 million libel lawsuit (plus several million in interest) the Gibsons won against Oberlin and its former Vice President of Student Affairs, Meredith Raimondo, for their attempts to destroy Gibson’s Bakery beginning in November of 2016.


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Although the case lost an appeal, Oberlin refuses to pay, so the meter continues to run with interest charges, bringing the judgment to more than $36 million, according to The Chronicle-Telegram.

Stirred up by Raimondo, hundreds of students marched on the bakery the day after Allyn Gibson Jr., on November 9, 2016, chased down and caught a black student who had shoplifted a bottle of wine from the Gibson bakery.

Two of the student’s friends, both black, intervened and, following a scuffle with Gibson, the three were arrested and later pled guilty to misdemeanor charges.

The following day Raimondo helped Oberlin students plan a protest and, wielding a bullhorn, she went with about 200 of them to demonstrate in front of the bakery, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

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Students distributed a flyer calling Gibson’s “a racist establishment with a long account of racial profiling and discrimination.”

Student newspaper coverage of protests against Gibson’s included the line, “The social implications of being seen at Gibson’s are much worse than any freshman faux pas I can imagine.”

And students leading tours for potential Oberlin students to this day say Gibson’s is a place that shouldn’t be patronized,…


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