Chief Justice John Roberts Puts Trial On Pause To Scold House Manager

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We’ve seen some pretty good stuff during the impeachment trial and I don’t mean anything damning against the President. I mean its been entertaining watching the Democrats destroy themselves. They are just so full of hate that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

There came a point at the end of the first day of the trial that Cheif Justice John Roberts who is presiding over the trial needed to make it clear that he would not tolerate the House managers incivility and poor attitude that has been exhibited, especially by Jerry Nadler.

Here is what led to the Chief Justice to scold Nadler:

Nadler said, “It’s embarrassing. The president is on trial in the Senate, but the Senate is on trial in the eyes of the American people. Will you vote to allow all the relevant evidence to be presented here? Or will you betray your pledge to be an impartial juror? … Will you bring Ambassador Bolton here? Will you permit us to present you with the entire record of the president’s misconduct? Or will you instead choose to be complicit in the president’s coverup? So far I’m sad to say I see a lot of senators voting for a coverup, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote.”

Chief Justice Roberts addressed the room,

“It is appropriate at this point for me to admonish both the House managers and the president’s counsel in equal terms to remember that they are addressing the world’s greatest deliberative body,” Roberts sternly rebuked. “One reason it has earned that title is because its members avoid speaking in a manner, and using language, that is not conducive to civil discourse.”

“In the 1905 [Judge Charles] Swayne [impeachment] trial, a senator objected when one of the managers used the word ‘pettifogging’ — and the presiding officer said the word ought not to have been used,” the chief justice continued. “I don’t think we need to aspire to that high a standard, but I do think those addressing the Senate should remember where they are.”

It’s clear that the Dems are self-destructing and it’s only a matter of time before they all fall apart.

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