What’ Next? Zombies?! Man In Quarantine Escapes And Does The Unthinkable

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A man in India had been forced into quarantine in his home over fears of coronavirus. Then the unthinkable happened.

The man, known only as Manikandan, had been in Sri Lanka and had just flown home when he was ordered by authorities to not leave his home for 14 days. After only a week in isolation, the man tore off his clothes and ran into the street completely naked before approaching a sleeping elderly woman and biting her do death.

It is claimed that the 35-year-old-man began running through the streets in Tamil Nadu when he spotted the old woman sleeping outside of her own home.

According to Yahoo! News India, the man then ran up to her, chomped down on her neck, full-on zombie style and but her hard. The woman then woke up screaming which sent her crazed, naked attacker fleeing. By then a mob of people had gathered in a bid to track the man down.

Relatives of the injured woman franticly raced her to the hospital where she received medical care but it was too late and she tragically died.

The angry mob was eventually able to track down the attacker and handed him over to local authorities.

According to a statement made by police, “The accused, Manikandan, has a history of mental illness for which he was treated in Madurai back in 2010.”

The man’s family says that his mental health had been deteriorating ever since returning from Sri Lanka due to being stresses from losses his business had suffered there.

Manikandan has been charged with murder and a case is being built against him.

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