What Ryan Zinke Said To This Protester Actually Worked?

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An Native American protester managed to meet up with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and began badgering him about not meeting with enough tribal leaders in regards to the Bears Ears National Monument. And he, oddly, managed to get her to back off by simply asking her to “be nice”, Lol.

“Be nice, don’t be rude,” Zinke said, confronting activist Cassandra Begay outside the Bears Ears monument in Utah.

“Oh, ok,” Begay said to the camera before she began yelling after Zinke again.

The activist group PANDOS claimed the video shows Zinke acting “aggressively.” After the incident, Begay said she felt “scared” when Zinke approached her.

“I was scared, and my heart was racing,” Begay said in a statement. “It felt condescending and unnecessarily aggressive. I have no idea why asking a simple question to somebody who is on a listening tour would react so aggressively


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