Pirro Compares Manchester To Boston Bombing

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Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared with Sean Hannity and Dr. Gina Loudon and compared the Manchester bombing to the Boston bombing saying it’s a “redo of the Boston bombing”. Pirro says that Salman Abedi, the bomber, was radicalized and traveled to two ISIS hotbeds, Syria and Libya.

“The whole paradigm of law enforcement has to change,” she said.

“This is a redo of the Boston bombers,” Pirro said.


The Boston bombers – the Tsarnaev brothers – traveled to the Middle East and Chechnya and had ties to extremist groups.

They were on law enforcement radar prior to the attack.

Dr Gina Loudon chimed in, stating, “Well you have to ask those questions, Sean. And so far the leftist media and the leftist political body refuses to actually even have the conversation.”

She continued, “what’s wrong with asking people to take courses on western civilization?”


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