Columnist Says That Hillary’s Excuses for Election Loss Point to One Thing 

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Despite previously “blaming” her loss on FBI Director James Comey and “Russian Hacking” Hillary Clinton stated in another interview last week that she takes responsibility for her loss. Michael Goodwin, of the New York Posts, believes that this all points to one thing — a 2020 Presidential Run.

“There’s an old saying in politics that once you’ve been bitten by the presidential bug, there are only two cures: death or election,” Goodwin said.

Clinton is apparently building a new political group called Onward Together, to fund various organizations to work against POTUS Trump.

“It’s very much about co-opting the Trump resistance,” Goodwin said. “She’s going to raise money to fund the resistance, she says. Now that’s going to give her an enormous amount of power and control over the resistance, over the money.”

He said the Democratic Party is “demoralized and divided,” without a clear leader, and he thinks Clinton very much wants to fill that role.

“If she’s the leader of the Democratic Party, do you think she’s going to do this for Andrew Cuomo or Cory Booker’s presidential campaign?” Goodwin said. “So, ultimately, I think she’s setting herself up to be the 2020 nominee.”

Columnist: Hillary’s Excuses for Election Loss Point to One Thing – a 2020 Run | Fox News Insider

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