Bill Clinton’s CIA Director Just Poked A Hole In The Latest Russia Hysteria

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James Woolsey, former CIA director under Bill Clinton, stated that he sees nothing “untoward” about having backchannel communications as long as it’s done right!

“There are a lot of things I think have been disclosed too much and I think that is the real scandal here,” Woolsey said on CNN Tuesday night. “So much disclosed, it makes it hard for the secrecy that’s essential to the operation of the U.S. government in these areas to continue, and I think the people who have broken these tacit and formal agreements and taken classified information and turned it loose are basically traitors to the country.”

“I don’t see anything untoward about having backchannel communications as long as you’re doing it accurately and within the confines, essentially, of what your superiors have asked of you,” Woolsey said. “People have backchannel communications all the time.”

To date, the Russia investigation has found no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump team and the Russians.


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