Rumsfeld Puts Joy Behar In Her Place

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Donald Rumsfeld appeared on The View Thursday and essentially put the co-hosts in their place when Joy Behar tried to argue with him that Clinton “actually won the election because she got more votes”.

“Well he [Donald Trump] lost by more than three million votes in the popular vote. He won the electoral vote,” Behar explained. “What counts?” Rumsfeld responded. “Well the electoral vote counts,” Behar answered.

“I thought so,” Rumsfeld said.

Sunny Hostin and Behar then began to compare the Russian-collusion investigation to Nixon’s Watergate, attempting to solicit answers from Rumsfeld. And the man didn’t hold back!

“I think suggesting that we are at a point that approximates Watergate I think is a stretch,” Rumsfeld answered. “Why do you want to engage in hypotheticals? This man was elected president of the United States.”


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