NC Police Get Slip-and-Slide Complaint, Look What Happened Next

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In this video, you will see how some North Carolina police slipped up on their investigation. This was a hot case and required a lot of coordination on the part of the police officers. The fact that it was a Slip-and-Slide in a roadway charge along with a noise complaint made it a very “serious” matter. Review this community engagement on the part of these magnificent officers and see if you approve.

As Written By Mackensy Lunsford, Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times – USA Today:

ASHEVILLE – When Asheville Police Department senior officers Carrie Lee and Joe Jones answered a noise complaint and reports of a slip-and-slide in the middle of a neighborhood road, they found no laws being broken.

That’s when the officers decided a little impromptu civic engagement was in order, and took the giant waterslide for a spin.

Or perhaps they were just looking to cool down. “Oh man, it was so hot,” said Lee, who has been on the force for nearly four years.

“When it’s hot, and you’re responding to a street complaint, and there’s a fun way to cool down you take advantage of a giant slip and slide,” The Asheville Police Department said on Facebook.

Residents took video of the officers and posted it on Facebook.

The video shows the officers romping with the 10 or so kids who were just “being kids,” Lee said. They were also under adult supervision, she added…….

And another video


North Carolina cops respond to slip-and-slide complaint, end up joining in

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