What Bernie Sanders Just Called Republicans Will Make Your Blood Boil!

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While discussing the Republican health care plan at a live Facebook event, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said Senate Republicans were “cowardly.”

Sanders stated, “The answer is not to make a difficult situation much, much worse. And again, getting back to the initial point, our Republican colleagues are so cowardly, are so frightful that the American people will learn what’s in their legislation. They refuse to have one hearing, one open discussion about it.”

Warren stated, “I think it’s beyond cowardly. I think it’s actually very strategic on their part. I think they’ve decided that — look, they know which side their bread is buttered on. They know what the Koch brothers want them to do, and a handful of other giant corporations and billionaires.”

“I think what they really want out of this is to say, ‘We will keep this as quiet as we can so nobody is examining it. We are going to suddenly expose the bill and we will get a vote on it right away, we’ll get Donald Trump to go ahead and sign it into law. And then what we’re hoping is that everyone will be so demoralized that they just won’t talk about it. That it’ll just go away.'”



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