Tucker’s One Sentence Makes This Entire CNN-Trump Tweet Chaos Hysterical

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When it comes to shaming CNN, nothing tops FOX News’ Ticker Carlson as you can see in this video. President Trump’s Tweet this weekend of the CNN/wrestling takedown set the Fake News Network’s hair on fire. They are screaming about having violence unleashed on journalists/ They had no such compunctions with a beheaded or assassinated Trump and joyfully reported that. Enjoy Mr. Carlson who is always at his best.

As Written, Reported by and seen first on Fox News:

Tucker Carlson reacted to President Trump’s recent tweet containing a 2007 clip of his staged brawl with WWE head Vince McMahon.

Trump’s recent clip was altered to show McMahon with a CNN logo for a head as the then-businessman punched him in the face.

Carlson said he doesn’t always agree with Trump’s decisions to tweet on nongovernmental issues, but that the media’s reaction to the clip was predictable.

A CNN panel lit into Trump’s decision to mock them, with commentator Brian Stelter claiming the tweet was so offensive it should lead to the president being removed from Twitter.

Stelter said he reported the tweet to Twitter, viewing the clip as a violation of the “terms of service” which prohibit harassment.


Tucker on Wrestling Video Backlash: One ‘Promotes Fictional Narratives,’ the Other Is WWE | Fox News Insider


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