CNN Now Mocks Hillary Clinton And Her Excuses

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Clinton’s REALLY going off the deep end now, folks! Even the “Clinton” News Network is mocking her at this point.

Hillary Clinton, failed presidential hopeful, has pointed the finger of her loss at anyone and everyone she can find. From Russia, to Comeys, to “deplorables” like you and me, and even her own data science team. The list could go on… “1000 Russian agents” who played up an “assumption” that she was going to win, and so many more, all because THE PEOPLE chose Donald Trump to be our President.

And now it’s all even becoming too much for CNN, who are apparently taking jabs at the former presidential hopeful.

During a discussion panel today with DC reporters today, host John King dismissed her excuses, saying “You don’t understand: The Russians cloaked Wisconsin,” referring to Clinton’s ignoring the battleground state until it was too late.

“So she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there,” he added.


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